Working in London for two years, Morag Grealy never got the opportunity to skip across to Malta, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing this t-shirt as a memento of her time in Europe.

“I could walk to the Ridley Road markets from where I lived and I’d go nearly every Saturday. I love the energy and craziness of that place. You can find anything there, from fish, to fruit and veg, to fabric, to stolen CD players.

I found this in a really random store there. They had the weirdest selection of clothes; from big undies, to Rastafarian tops, and a bunch of these tourist prints from different countries.

A shirt from an African market in London being worn by an Australian who’s never been to Malta… that’s my perfect memento.

Funnily enough, no one ever asks me about Malta when I’m wearing it.” – Morag Grealy.


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