Accountants are always stereotyped as being allergic to spontaneity and adventure, but Renee Kidd is proof you can crunch numbers for a living, have heaps of fun, and start a new career more than once.

“I was planning on becoming a sports psychologist,” she says. “Then, during my gap year, I got a job at an accounting firm and they offered to pay for a degree, so I stuck around.”

Three years later, on the cusp of becoming a qualified bean counter, Renee got cold feet and took off to London, just like thousands of other young Aussies from her hometown of Melbourne. Unlike her friends though, Renee avoided getting trapped in hospitality overseas and stuck with accounting. Not that that allowed her to dodge living like a typical backpacker.

“In London, I was sleeping on a living room floor, sharing the space with another person,” she says, laughing at the memory. “We had 10 people in the apartment and only one bathroom, so we all had a set time for our daily shower. It was horrible… and the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”

on the cusp of becoming a qualified bean counter, Renee got cold feet and took off to London

Back home in Australia, Renee swapped accounting for marketing and started out at TripADeal in customer service. Typical within a fast-growing company, she’s had to wear a number of different hats over the years, handling nearly everything from corporate sponsorship deals to organising staff Christmas parties.

Right now, Renee’s helping build a rewards program for TripADeal customers, so what’s been her most rewarding project to date?

“That’s easy,” she says. “Handling our social media, I could see all these people looking for someone to travel with, so I created our Travel Buddies group on Facebook. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in any job, because they all feel like my friends. They’re all so excited and it’s a massive community now. I love that.”

Image: Renee reclining on a stool that might have doubled as a bed back in the day.


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