Legendary Travellers

Leif Ericson discovered America about 500 years before Christopher Columbus, proving there was a whole lot more to being a Viking than pillaging and wearing horny headgear. Born in Iceland around AD 980, Ericson came from a distinguished, but violent, ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Practical travel advice on cruises, acts of God, and bricks and mortar stores.

Around the world in… legendary monsters

The illusive creatures lurking from Scotland to Nepal.

A Taste Of India

A smorgasbord of treats to cook at home.

Road Test // Luggage

Hard shell, duffle bag, tote or rolling suitcase? We help you decide.

Calling All Treasure Hunters

Solve a riddle and uncover $5 million in gold and other riches.

A new type of camera

One that bosses you around if you try shooting something boring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practical travel advice on insurance, trip extensions and payment options.

Choose your own adventure!

Play along and your dream trip will be revealed...

The Sourtoe Cocktail Club

The place to go if you’re feeling toey in Canada.